Samsung LED Signage Box SNOW-1810U - Digitalskiltspiller - Tizen OS 4.0

Samsung LED Signage Box SNOW-1810U - Digitalskiltspiller - Tizen OS 4.0 SBB-SNOWJAU/EN
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Forventet inn: 03.11.22
  • Effektiv levering av innhold i UHD-kvalitet
  • Et strålende og realistisk bilde - LED HDR
  • Kompatibel med Samsungs MagicINFO-plattform
Brilliant, true-to-life UHD content across multiple connected LED displays without expensive equipment is what a business needs in today's working environment. The Samsung's LED Signage Box (S-Box) stands out in a crowd with LED HDR (High Dynamic Range) picture technology, elevating peak brightness and establishing frame-by-frame gradation. The S-Box not only has impressive visual quality but is more energy-efficient than the previous model. The S-Box instinctively controls the LED brightness and the quality of the lighting by a dimming sensor. With a Live Mode option, when attending an event where live streaming is occurring, the S-Box improves signal delays and latency. The S-Box also leverages MagicINFO to develop, schedule and manage content within a single platform equipping businesses with a comprehensive management tool for more convenient and impactful oversight of their entire LED display network.


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